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Frequently Asked Questions

Our strong local presence, plus the comprehensive MaxRecruit network, provide you with unparalleled reach and visibility. You also have specialty recruiting options to help attract individuals with diverse backgrounds.

Our recruiting solutions are designed from the ground up to be easy-to-use and highly effective. With the combination of our local reach and the MaxRecruit network, employers received an average of 61 click applications per ad, vs. the industry average of 20 (per the Job Board Doctor Recruiting Trends Survey). More qualified applicants give you more opportunities to hire just the right candidates for your important positions.

While “free” sounds great, employers find that there is really no such thing as free. With most popular free job posting sites, employers have found that while you can post at no charge, the site’s real objective is to have you subscribe to a monthly recruiting service that they may not need. The back-end charges at these sites are often much higher than you pay for our more cost-effective solution.

In addition to our powerful and comprehensive recruiting network, we offer additional tools to help companies find and hire qualified applicants.

If you need more information about tailored service offerings, please contact us using the form below.

The most important way for your post to stand out is to place it on our recruiting network. Here are six more tips:
- Tip #1: Write a full-length ad of at least 150 words.
- Tip #2: Identify your company: minimize your use of “blind” ads.
- Tip #3: Use descriptive, industry-accepted terminology.
- Tip #4: Market your company and job to applicants by talking about benefits and culture.
- Tip #5: State the compensation.
- Tip #6: Keep your mandatory requirements to a minimum to encourage more applicants.

No matter what positions you're hiring, we can locate the right talent for you.

Our recruitment experts can have you welcoming your new team members quickly and easily.